electrical device

electrical device
a device that produces or is powered by electricity
Hypernyms: ↑device
antenna, ↑aerial, ↑transmitting aerial, ↑attenuator, ↑ballast, ↑light ballast, ↑battery, ↑electric battery, ↑bimetallic strip, ↑brush, ↑capacitor, ↑capacitance, ↑condenser, ↑electrical condenser, ↑cell, ↑electric cell, ↑circuit, ↑electrical circuit, ↑electric circuit, ↑control panel, ↑instrument panel, ↑control board, ↑board, ↑panel, ↑distributor, ↑distributer, ↑electrical distributor, ↑electrograph, ↑electrostatic generator, ↑electrostatic machine, ↑Wimshurst machine, ↑Van de Graaff generator, ↑filter, ↑flasher, ↑fuse, ↑electrical fuse, ↑safety fuse, ↑inductor, ↑inductance, ↑jack, ↑load, ↑plug, ↑male plug, ↑precipitator, ↑electrostatic precipitator, ↑Cottrell precipitator, ↑reactor, ↑rectifier, ↑relay, ↑electrical relay, ↑resistor, ↑resistance, ↑security system, ↑security measure, ↑security, ↑Segway, ↑Segway Human Transporter, ↑Segway HT, ↑solar array, ↑solar battery, ↑solar panel, ↑spark arrester, ↑spark plug, ↑sparking plug, ↑suppressor, ↑suppresser, ↑transducer, ↑transformer, ↑transponder, ↑zapper
Part Meronyms: ↑terminal, ↑pole

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